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Avatar Setup

1. Add VRCFury to your project

Click here to download VRCFury

2. Run the VRCFury SPS Upgrader

  • Click the main object for your avatar in the hierarchy on the left


  • At the top of the window, click Tools > VRCFury > SPS > Upgrade Legacy Haptics


  • A window should notify you of which objects will be upgraded. Be sure all your haptic zones are listed, then click OK! When your avatar is selected, you should see a red capsule enveloping your penetrators, and green spheres/arrows indicating your orifices. If you want to add new orifices, or your penetrators are not automatically detected, you can follow the sections down below to add them manually.

Note: If your avatar was previously setup using Fluff's Toolbox DPS Setup or Universal DPS Attachment System, your menu toggles may move into a new folder named SPS.

3. Upload

  • Upload your avatar and you're done!

Trying to link toys to your avatar? Now that your avatar is updated, go back to How to use OscGoesBrrr

No orifices yet? No Problem!

Note for prefab artists

If you distribute penetrator prefabs, orifice prefabs, or avatar bases containing either, we recommend running this upgrade tool and then instructing users to download VRCFury along with your prefab.

How to add a penetrator without DPS